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Tradie MJ1955SK Long Leg Trunk: Black Only

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Tradie underwear is designed with comfort and durability in mind, ensuring there's plenty of room to move. The long leg trunk provides extreme comfort in particular. Be warned, once you've worn a pair of Tradie long legs you wont be able to go back to regular length trunks. The "Big Fella" Brief provides extreme comfort in particular, up to size 6XL (155 to 160 cm waist).

Tradie Undies Size Grid:

Size               Fits Waist
2XL               115 - 120 cm
3XL               125 - 130 cm
4XL               135 - 140 cm
5XL               145 - 150 cm
6XL               155 - 160 cm
Available Sizes:2XL ONLY
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